The Deliverance of Ngoro

Szvaldrax's Lair

Session 15


Ksa Me 2-3, 947

Lukas heard rumors of a sick girl at Everflow University and met with her roommate Devorah, although Sigorsa did not wake up during his visit. Devorah mentioned she had recently been visiting the Ksa Huue temple frequently.
[[:mwari |
Mwari]] and Bitten Leaf led the party tracking the dragon’s trail west to the former Condorran side of the island, where the black dragon Szvaldrax had begun creating a lair in the ruins of an abandoned temple to Lathander, protected by kobolds and a shambling mound. The party fought past the front guards and shimmied through the kobold tunnels to the catacombs beneath the temple.

In Szvaldrax’s lair, things looked rough for the party after several members were hit with his acid breath. By freeing the banshee spirit of a drow killed by the dragon and Eldac’s use of a stunning strike, the party was able to defeat the dragon, followed by the evil spirit of the drow.

XP: 2,412 (24,261 in total)
Treasure: 2_ potions of greater healing,_ 2 potions of healing, potion of clairvoyance, potion of stone giant strength, 5000 gp worth of coins, Condorran art objects, gems. A football-sized gem with a key set into the center of the gem. Pipes of Haunting.



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